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Carlos Morgan’s latest single ‘Have A Little Faith’ places hope in the inspiring story of a talented independent artist making significant head way and heading contributions to the dexterity of vital aspects of R&B music itself.

The unprecedented acoustic guitar rhythm sections are both lucid and exclusively interchangeable in regards to the captivatingly, motivational vocals reverberating to the vanguard of the composition. Morgan is simply leaps and bounds ahead of the short sighted peak curve that the music industry is languishing with a robustly-unmatched groundwork of brilliant production, flawless songwriting and impervious performance pieces.

The vibrato ingrained in the vocal deliveries matches the background ambiance accurateness with a sense of exactness linking into a conjoined execution of intelligently designed orchestration. The central conceptualization of love enacts elements of soulful music with a subjective anchor headed through the monumental terrains of rhythm and blues. The cinematic landscape of the music establishes a beautiful sound that dwells within both worlds of existentialism and perceived reality.

Morgan is a compelling voice, both figuratively and literally, that top labels must recognize as he will gain traction in the mainstream from his current independent standpoint in the not-so-distant future.

‘‘ Song  Review from Artist Rack Magazine ’’

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